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Noter + CD Aebersold

Noter + CD Aebersold


Mycket poppis improvisationsmaterial med svängigt komp på CD-skiva. Varje volym fungerar för såväl C-, Bb-, Eb- som Basklavsinstrument. Aebersold finns i mängder av volymer, varje del med olika tema. Vi har valt ut några favoriter.

Del 1 How to play jazz

  • Scales/Chords. Developing Creativity, Improv Fundamentals, 12 Blues Scales, Bebop Scales, Pentatonic Scales, Time and Feel, Melodic Development, II/V7s, Related Scales and Modes, Practical Exercises, Patterns and Licks, Dominant 7th Tree of Scale Choices, Nomenclature, Chromaticism, Scale Syllabus, and more!
  • Del 2 Nothin but blues

  • Mr. Super Hip, Horizontal (C Blues), 6/8 Modal Blues, Slow Blues In G, Slow Blues In F, Fast Blues In F, Fast Blues In Bb, Minor Blues In C, Home Stretch, Long-Meter Jazz/Rock, Bird Blues
  • Del 3 The II-V-I progression

  • ii/V7/I All Major Keys, G Minor Blues, Bebop Tune, V7+9/I All Keys, ii/V7/I In Three Keys, F Blues With 8-Bar Bridge, II/V7 Random Progressions, ii /V7+9/I All Minor Keys.
  • Del 25 All time standards (2CD)

  • Speak Low, I Love You, September Song, Old Devil Moon, I Can't Get Started, The Party's Over, A Foggy Day, Foolish Heart, Summertime, My Funny Valentine, My Favorite Things, Come Rain Or Come Shine, Our Love Is Here To Stay, I Could Write A Book, It Might As Well Be Spring, I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face, Have You Met Miss Jones
  • Del 54 Maiden Voyage

  • Summertime, Shuffle Time (Bb Shuffle Blues), Impressions, Maiden Voyage, Watermelon Man, Doxy, Autumn Leaves, Solar Flair, Song For My Father, Cantaloupe Island, Satin Doll, Tootsie (Blues In F), Footprints, III/VI7/II/V7 (song based on the III/VI7/ii/V7 Progression)
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    Artnr: Benämning: Pris/st vid köp av Antal:
    NOT913 Noter Improvisation Aebersold Del 1, How to play jazz
    Välj del: 1. How to play jazz
    Välj instrument: Passar alla intrument
    212 kr/st
    NOT909 Noter Improvisation Aebersold Del 2, Nothin but blues 220 kr/st
    NOT916 Noter Improvisation Aebersold Del 25, All time Standards 2 CD
    Välj del: 25. All time Stadards 2 CD
    Välj instrument: passar alla instrument
    250 kr/st
    NOT910 Noter Improvisation Aebersold Del 3, The II-V7-I Progression
    Välj del: 3. The ii/V7/I Progression
    220 kr/st
    NOT912 Noter Improvisation Aebersold Del 54, Maiden Voyage
    Välj del: 54. Maiden Voyage
    Välj instrument: passar alla instrument
    250 kr/st