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Munstycke Denis Wick Ultra Baryton

Denis Wick
Munstycke Denis Wick Ultra Baryton

Munstycke Denis Wick Ultra

Mer information: Denis Wick Produktbroschyr

I samarbete med virtuosen Steven Mead har Denis Wick tagit fram ett nytt baryton- och eufoniummunstycke under namnet ULTRA.

Så här sammanfattar DW dess egenskaper:

  • Highly responsive with a clear projection and centre of tone right across the range
  • High comfort rim edges
  • Warm tone that accentuate the true tonal characteristics of the euphonium and baritone
  • Enhanced clarity of production and articulation
  • Resonant singing higher register
  • Bigger toned low notes
  • Increased flexibility throughout the range
  • Tests prove the new SM Ultra improves tuning
  • Enhanced dynamic range and especially easy to play soft with a quality tone
  • New range of colours in the tone
  • A sound that always has resonance
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Artnr: Benämning: Pris: Antal:
DW418 Munstycke Denis Wick Baryton SM4 Ultra 1295 kr/st
DW419 Munstycke Denis Wick Baryton SM5 Ultra 1295 kr/st
DW420 Munstycke Denis Wick Baryton SM6 Ultra 1295 kr/st